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Good Times Planned For The First Mauli Ola Festival

Yoga, Coffee, Music, & More At Mauli Ola Festival Founded by Malian Lahey, the Mauli Ola Festival launches its first ever edition on September 21-24 at Wood Valley Farm on Hawai’i Island! The Mauli Ola Festival brings together a global tribe to celebrate through music, dance and yoga, as well as learn and generate new conversations about mind-body […]

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Animals Poop

Loss Of Animals’ Poop Disrupts Nutrient Cycles, New Study Shows

Animals’ poop plays a key role in keeping the planet fertile. However, when large animals go extinct the natural cycling of nutrients from deep ocean waters to high mountainous areas is significantly reduced, researchers revealed in a new study. “This once was a world that had ten times more whales; twenty times more anadromous fish, […]

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Managing goats for environmental restoration

Goats as Restorative Catalysts. Managing Goats for Environmental Regeneration, Not Degeneration. (PVP105)

Using Goats to Control Invasive Plants by Cherrie Nolden – Febuary 2015 “Brush and invasive species management is challenging. Chemical, Mechanical, Fire and Biological control tools are used, with goats serving as a biological control tool. Timing, intensity, frequency, duration and targeting of goat application to brush/invasives are key to controlling them, just as with […]

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Molokai Agriculture Documentary

Abundant Land – Molokai Agriculture Documentary

Molokai Farming Documentary – Abundant Land ABUNDANT LAND, is a documentary about a Hawaiian community on Moloka’i resisting the biotech industry’s use of their island as a laboratory for testing genetically engineered seeds. Monsanto and Mycogen have been experimenting on over 2,000 acres by testing the resistance of genetically modified seeds to pesticides. In the […]

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Hilo Plant Show 2015

Hilo PLANT SHOW – February 27th & 28th 2015

Hilo Plant Show BIG ISLAND ASSN. OF NURSERYMEN Februray 27 & 28, 2015 BIG ISLAND ASSN. OF NURSERYMEN’S SPRING HORTICULTURAL & PLANT SHOW – HILO Friday, February 27, from 5-9pm; Saturday, Februray 28, from 9am-2pm. More than 20 nurseries will be ready to present the largest selection and presentation of plants in the state. Location: […]

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korean natural farming hawaii logo

Natural Farming Hawaii

Going Beyond Organic Korean Natural Farming Here is a wonderful website that continues to develop and offers a wealth of information on natural farming.  The site offers a unique opportunity to vastly improve your knowledge base and abilities.  If you are located in Hawaii check out where you are able to make direct connections with […]

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