Good Times Planned For The First Mauli Ola Festival

Big Island Hawaii Mauli Ola Festival 2016

Yoga, Coffee, Music, & More At Mauli Ola Festival

Founded by Malian Lahey, the Mauli Ola Festival launches its first ever edition on September 21-24 at Wood Valley Farm on Hawai’i Island!
The Mauli Ola Festival brings together a global tribe to celebrate through music, dance and yoga, as well as learn and generate new conversations about mind-body healing, coffee, human rights, and earth-friendly practices like permaculture and Leave No Trace.Big Island Hawaii Mauli Ola Festival Yoga Coffee Music
Conversations like these are powerful force multipliers that can create real shifts in how the world works.
With Permaculture workshops such as Korean Natural Farming, Biogas Digester, and the benefits of microbes; healing sessions on mettacine healing, Shamanic soul retrieval, mind-body healing, and the art of sacred relationship; and human rights discussions on indigenous concepts of land and human rights, women empowerment and coffee economics in Hawaii, the event embodies its ethos of sustainable, conscious living while offering opportunities for prosperous community building.
The lineup will also feature music by renowned artists such as  Youssoupha Sidibe, Jeff Peterson; yoga by Pagan George, book presentation of "ReInhabiting the Village", and film screenings of "Electronic Awakening," "DMT: The Spirit Molecule," "Aya: Awakenings," Visionary Arts, "The Land of Eb" and "The Coffee Man."
Big Island Hawaii Mauli Ola Festival
For more information on this friendly festival of life enhancing thought and action visit:

Mauli Ola Website

Mauli Ola Facebook Page

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