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Unlearn & Rewild

Vandana Shiva on the Emancipation of Seed, Water and Women

Unlearn & Rewild is a forum where we discuss the critical ideas of our time and parlay them into action for the regeneration of natural communities. Key topics include the rediscovery of wild nature, ecological renewal and resistance, and healing from the trauma of individualistic society. We will travel deep into ancient forests, and enter […]

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Scott Mann

Episode 1524: Right Livelihood with Ben Weiss, Dave Jacke, and Charles Eisenstein | The Permaculture Podcast

This episode is a Susquehanna Permaculture round-table discussion recorded at my friend Seppi Garrett’s on June 3, 2015 in front of a live audience. The panel for the conversation were Ben Weiss, Dave Jacke, and Charles Eisenstein. Ostensibly the conversation was framed around the idea of how to achieve a right livelihood, but as you […]

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Unlearn & Rewild Podcast, Derrick Jensen Podcast

Derrick Jensen on Civilization and Creating a Culture of Resistance

Unlearn & Rewild Podcast With Derrick Jensen Civilization took millennia to congeal, and in the last few hundred years it has accelerated its world takeover. The health of the world’s plant and animal communities has inversely plummeted, where now species extinctions are in the hundreds per day, and the wounded remnants of ecosystems are finally […]

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unlearn & rewild podcast, rocky mountains, spine of the continent

Mary Ellen Hannibal on the Spine of the Continent – Unlearn & Rewild

Today we explore an epic nature conservation project that encompasses the great North American Rockies, and we examine the infinite delicate relationships between the species that inhabit them. Mary Ellen Hannibal is a Bay Area writer and editor focusing on science and culture. Hannibal’s book The Spine of the Continent is about a social, geographical, […]

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Managing goats for environmental restoration

Goats as Restorative Catalysts. Managing Goats for Environmental Regeneration, Not Degeneration. (PVP105)

Using Goats to Control Invasive Plants by Cherrie Nolden – Febuary 2015 “Brush and invasive species management is challenging. Chemical, Mechanical, Fire and Biological control tools are used, with goats serving as a biological control tool. Timing, intensity, frequency, duration and targeting of goat application to brush/invasives are key to controlling them, just as with […]

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Toby Hemenway’s What Permaculture Isn’t, and Is

Permaculture is notoriously hard to define. A recent survey shows that people simultaneously believe it is a design approach, a philosophy, a movement, and a set of practices. This broad and contradiction-laden brush doesn’t just make permaculture hard to describe. It can be off-putting, too. Let’s say you first encounter permaculture as a potent method […]

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Book - Plant Intelligence

Plant Intelligence & Imaginal Realm Podcast

Unlearn & Rewild Podcast Stephen Harrod Buhner on Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm This week’s interview is a mosaic of mind-shattering insights from Earth-poet-philosopher Stephen Harrod Buhner. Stephen is the senior researcher for the Foundation for Gaian studies, described as a bardic naturalist, he is the award-winning author of 19 books, including The lost […]

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