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Willing workers on organic farms.

Heading to Hawaii and have a desire to learn about farming or are you looking to trade some of your quality labor for a place to stay while you explore the islands?  If either option sounds like you then WWOOF Hawaii is a credible option to consider.

WWOOF Hawaii links people, such as yourself, who want to volunteer on organic farms with farm operators who are seeking volunteer assistance in maintaining the day to day operations.

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and has established a remarkable history for connecting farmers and people who are looking for an introduction, or hands on learning opportunity, into farming.  The Federation of WWOOF was recently established and is a resource to discover more about the organization itself. WWOOF Hawaii, willing workers on organic farmers, permaculture, eco, sustainability

If and when you have decided to dig a little deeper by contacting farms and exploring opportunities I would recommend using the quick series below.  It will give you insight into the what the farmers are looking for and how you can secure the best position & location for your wwoofing experience.

How To Prepare For The WWOOFing Experience:

WWOOF Hawaii - Introduction To Preparation 

WWOOF Hawaii - Identify Your Needs & Intention

WWOOF Hawaii - Living Environments

WWOOF Hawaii - Working As A WWOOFer

WOOFing Experiences Playlist

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