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Green Market & CafeHonokaa vegetarian restaurants, Hawaii vegetarian restaurants

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45-3512 Mamane Street

808) 775-0004

HOURS: Monday–Thursday 11am – 8pm
Friday–Saturday 11am – 9pm | Sunday - Closed
Closed on Tuesday's from 3/3/15 to 5/5/15.


Sea DandeLion Cafe and Awa Bar

Honokaa Vegetarian restaurants, Hawaii vegetarian restuarantsSea DandeLion Cafe and Awa Bar FB Page

(802) 765-0292

Following a hectic 2 years on Oahu in the extremely busy Honolulu, we decided it was time to step outside of the matrix, move to the Big Island and plant our roots here.  We are a loving family unit who work together symbiotically, similar to our namesake - the beautiful ocean dandelion, and are passionate about sharing our journey toward the light with you.

We specialize in unique & highly nutritious vegetarian food & beverages, all locally sourced from the Hawaiian Islands.  

Our top 2 selling dishes are our 'Vegan Poke' (pronounced pok-ay) - a healthy alternative to the traditional Hawaiian poke in which we substitute raw fish with crunchy Olokai sea asparagus. Our 'Vegan BLT minus the B&L' is also very popular. A taro or guava bun spread with vegan smoked taro chipotle, layered with naturally salty sea asparagus & a LifeFoods 'Super foods' patty. These hearty vegan burgers are bursting full of nutritious, organic, soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients.

Our unique selection of drinks features local, fresh 'awa (kava). Drank from a coconut shell 'awa is a traditional Polynesian beverage made from the roots of the awa plant & water combined.  It's active 'kavalactones' invoke positive, chill vibes & are a must-try to anyone visiting Hawai'i.
Our ChocolaTea is a big favorite amongst our customers.  Made from the outer-shell of the cacao bean & brewed with hot water this delicious beverage contains anti-oxidants & theobromine, a natural stimulant. Served hot or iced with a drop of raw honey.

We also offer a few other items at our cafe. Handmade crystal healing jewellery, each unique piece made with pure aloha, that will benefit the wearer with it's healing positive energies. And Tints Polarised Sunglasses with sustainable bamboo sides - gotta protect your eyes from the Hawaiian sun

Mon 11am - 7:00pm
Tues 11am - 6:00pm
Thu 11am - 6:30pm
Fri  11:45am - 9:00pm
Sat  11:30 am - 7:00pm
Sun 11am - 4:00pm


Honoka'a People's Theatre

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Honokaa Vegetarian Restaurants, Hawaii Vegetarian Restaurants45-3574 Mamane St

(808) 775-0000

Vegetarian Friendly, Local Produce.