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Epidemic of sea mammal deaths explodes as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of the earth

Dead and dying sea mammals continue to wash ashore at unusual and alarming rates along the California coast. Scientists are stumped, suggesting that the cause may be food shortages caused by abnormally warm waters – but unsure of what has caused the ocean off the California coast to warm so rapidly. Meanwhile, the radioactive plume […]

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The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here | Rolling Stone

Historians may look to 2015 as the year when shit really started hitting the fan. Some snapshots: In just the past few months, record-setting heat waves in Pakistan and India each killed more than 1,000 people. In Washington state’s Olympic National Park, the rainforest caught fire for the first time in living memory. London reached […]

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Growing Their Own Food, Financial Collapse

Greek villagers’ secret weapon: Growing their own food – Business Insider

KARITAINA, Greece (AP) — Ilias Mathes has protection against bank closures, capital controls and the slashing of his pension: 10 goats, some hens and a vegetable patch.If Greece’s financial crisis deepens, as many believe it must, he can feed his children and grandchildren with the bounty of the land in this proud village high in […]

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California Water Crisis, California Drought

Beyond the Perfect Drought: California’s Real Water Crisis by Glen MacDonald: Yale Environment 360

Water Crisis The record-breaking drought in California is not chiefly the result of low precipitation. Three factors – rising temperatures, groundwater depletion, and a shrinking Colorado River – mean the most populous U.S. state will face decades of water shortages and must adapt. By Glen MacDonald The current drought afflicting California is indeed historic, but […]

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end of the world, mass extinction

Mass Extinction: It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Guy McPherson is a professor emeritus of evolutionary biology, natural resources and ecology at the University of Arizona, and has been a climate change expert for 30 years. He has also become a controversial figure, due to the fact that he does not shy away from talking about the possibility of near-term human extinction. While […]

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A Sustainable Earth Depends Upon an Indigenist Future | Dissident Voice

Indigenous Future Long prophesied by native thinkers, Earth is dying. The global ecological system is collapsing under the weight of industrial development. More ecosystems including the atmosphere have been lost and degraded than the biosphere can bear. Concurrently perma-war, injustice, and inequity have hit epidemic proportions and are worsening ecocide and obstructing solutions. While social […]

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Monsanto Banned

Union of 30,000 Doctors in Latin America Wants Monsanto Banned! – NationofChange

It was announced this week that over 30,000 doctors and health experts throughout Latin America are demanding that Monsanto’s products be banned. One of the primary cases that these doctors are bringing against Monsanto is the recent confirmation that their main herbicide RoundUp is actually responsible for causing cancer. “In our country glyphosate is applied […]

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