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Biofuels Plant in Hawaii Is First to Be Certified as Sustainable – The New York Times

KEAAU, Hawaii — The trucks roll in and out of the plant at a business park nestled near papaya farms and a forest preserve on the Big Island here, an operation that transforms waste cooking oils, animal fats, fruit and seeds into biodiesel fuel, nearly 13,000 gallons a day. Owned by Pacific Biodiesel, an industry […]

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Hempcrete: The Astounding Benefits of Using Hemp to Build Homes

If governments and corporations really wanted to help the environment and create more sustainable housing, I can guarantee you that the whole world would be using Hempcrete right now. Unfortunately, It seems that they are too concerned with keeping their very profitable system that they fear changing things. Growing industrial hemp was illegal in the […]

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reinvent sustainable living

Unilever wants you to reinvent sustainable living | GreenBiz

These days, it’s unusual to find a large consumer products company that doesn’t have some sort of venture capital or startup-nurturing mechanism.Unilever is no different: Over the past year, it has invested $6 million in Unilever Foundry, a program for finding potential partners that can “make sustainable living commonplace. ”Now, it’s looking for even more […]

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The Permaculture Students – Growing Our Future

The Permaculture Student series bring permaculture design science to home and public schools, families & adult learners. The Permaculture Student Website Permaculture is the future Permaculture is a design science that uses the patterns and systems of nature to provide sustainably and regeneratively for both humans and the environment. It is also the best way […]

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2 Ways to Inspire Sustainability in Your Community – Fellowship for Intentional Community

Community Bookstore Gaia Education Guides Digital Teacher’s Guide Digital Youth Activities Guide Reviewed by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager Gaia Education Guides Teacher’s Guide & Youth Activities Guide by Gaia Education Digital Teacher’s Guide $15 Digital Youth Activities Guide $10 Both for $20! Where does one begin when teaching and inspiring one’s community towards a […]

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Organic farmers upset with whole foods rating system

Organic Farmers Object to Whole Foods Rating System –

Like a whale and the myriad barnacles clinging to its sides, Whole Foods Market and organic farmers have long had a symbiotic relationship. The grocer has helped stoke the American appetite for organic products, building stores that are essentially showcases for organic fruits, vegetables and flowers tagged with the names of the farmers who grow […]

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Microgreens & Sprouts in Hawaii

Hawaii Eco Living Sprouts And Microgreens, Where?

  Sprouts And Microgreens Local, Fresh, Delicious! Hawaii Eco Living has purchased an established local sprout and microgreen business and is excited to begin our journey into the local food network. Providing nourishing food that is packed with goodness is an energizing operation to be a part of. The previous owner, with decades of practice, […]

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R.P. Delio and Company Announces A New Small Wind Generator Service in Hawaii Using Its Waypoint Power™ Platform | Benzinga

R.P. Delio and Company announces the roll-out of a new small wind turbine service, Hawaii-wide, using its Waypoint Power™ platform, which enables on-site real-time wind monitoring to help assess the wind resources at prospective clients’ properties. The deployment of this service has already begun, with the initial monitoring systems in operation at residential and commercial […]

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Spreading the Seed of Permaculture from Timor-Leste to the Tropical World · Global Voices

More than a decade of permaculture implementation in Timor-Leste is leading to a unique guidebook specific to worldwide tropical climates — that is, if an ongoing crowdfunding campaign succeeds. The practical reference guide – A Tropical Permaculture Guidebook — aims at “assisting subsistence farmers in tropical areas worldwide to gain community, health, economic, environment & development […]

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Solar Power, Solar companies

Solar Energy: Grid vs. Battery Storage » EcoWatch

As solar power—both giant farms and small rooftop installations—enjoys tremendous growth across the U.S., there’s been pushback from big utility companies. They’ve campaigned to end net metering, in which solar panel owners can return unneeded power they’ve generated to the grid for credit, and to add fees to their bills, calling homeowners and small businesses […]

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