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Root Crops – Hawaiian Sanctuary

Thursday March 19th

Root Crops for Hawaii

Root Crops - HawaiiTaro, cassava(manioc), sweet potato, uhi, yacon, turmeric, ginger, and galangal (Thai ginger).

Learn to plant,  grow, and cook a large part of your homegrown diet. We will be planting Turmeric and ginger, taro, sweet potato and more hands on! Learn some recipes to use these great plants as well including a delicious Turmeric ginger salad dressing and roasted Rosemary cassava.

∞   Cost: $12 with delicious vegetarian lunch included

  • REGISTER  HERE for Drop in Class ! $12 To Reserve Your Space for 1 (plus taxes)
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Agroforestry Design Basics – Hawaiian Sanctuary

Thursday March 12th

Agroforestry Design Basics

Agroforestry Design BasicsWant to plant a food forest or home orchard and not sure where to start?

Come join us and bring your questions!

You will learn observation, identification, and assesment of resources on your site.

Each site is different and the “problem” is often the “solution” as they say in Permaculture.  Learn mapping basics to make sure trees have proper spacing to thrive. Learn strategies for planting in areas with little soil and or lots of rock.

Permaculture orchard creation in a nutshell.

∞   Cost: $12 with delicious vegetarian lunch included

  • REGISTER  HERE for Drop in Class ! $12 To Reserve Your Space for 1 (plus taxes)
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Satsang at Hawaiian Sanctuary with Maitreya and Friends

International Kirtan Artist & Spiritual Teacher from Shanti Mission is visiting Hawaii for the first time.

Join Maitreya for a morning of music, mantra, unique style of meditation and more.

During satsang we create opportunities for experiential learning through direct transmission of spiritual energy, through meditation, nada shakti (transfer of healing energy through sound), chanting and through social interaction.

Our satsangs are multi-faith and respect all traditions, all Gurus, all spiritual teachers and all religions. They are very popular in Shanti Mission and a great way to come and see and meet community, find out what is on and feel the energy and vibe of Shanti Mission.

Maitreya will be joined by Wonderful Tabla Player Boaz.
Mary Isis (Janani Ma) will be sharing inspired vocals plus percussion and the amazing Vishaka (Venkateshwarra) will be playing Traditional Indian Sarod and Slide Guitar.

See Mary and Vishaka's website here: http://www.nectarianmusic.com. "Visionary Medicine Music from the Heart, to Inspire Personal and Planetary Awakening and Transformation"

Have a listen to some of Maitreya's music here https://soundcloud.com/maitreya-shanti

This is offered by heartfelt donation (minimum suggestion $15) ALL PROCEEDS TO CHARITY

About Maitreya-
Maitreya is a sublime teacher, powerful healer and an inspired sacred musician. He guides his students, clients and audiences into the heart of the truth with boundless joy, empowering them to uncover the vast radiance that is their own nature.

Maitreya has received intensive mantra training in 2014 and 2015 by senior priests in Sri Shakti Amma’s ashram, South India, along with blessings and guidance to perform Ancient Vedic Yagams (Fire Ceremonies) that bring balance and peace to the environment.

He is an integral member of Shanti Music; the group was wildly popular at the 2011 Bali Spirit Festival. They also delivered a powerful performance at the USA Bhakti Festival in 2012, the 2013 and 2014 Bodhi Festivals alongside artists such as Deva Premal, Jai Uttal and Krishna Das.

Maitreya is visiting Hawaii from 28th Feb 2015 until 11th Mar 2015 and will be offering music, healing and teaching by donation during this visit.

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Nitrogen Fixers & Mulch Crops – Hawaiian Sanctuary

Thursday, March 5th

nitrogen fixers & mulchNitrogen Fixers and Mulch Crops


How to grow and use mulch locally.

  • Nitrogen fixing plants are able to pull nitrogen from the air  Magic you say?… nitrogen from thin air? Actually it’s science, through a symbiotic association of microbes in their roots but we won’t be getting into the technical details. This class will cover practical usuage of these plants in your garden to increase plant growth and health. Nitrogen is one of plant’s main nutrient needs and is often in short supply in our soils. We will cover NFTs, NFSs and NFGs (nitrogen fixing trees, shrubs and groundcovers) Learn how to plant, grow and coppice these important nitrogen and mulch sources.Coppicing (“chop and drop”) (how to periodically prune back mulch plants to feed your crop plants) will be covered and demonstrated hands on.

∞   Cost: $12 with delicious vegetarian lunch included

  • REGISTER  HERE for Drop in Class ! $12 To Reserve Your Space for 1 (plus taxes)
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