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Island Earth Documentary Movie cover photo that shows a traditional Hawaiian system of land management. Water flows from the mountains down to the valleys to the ocean.

Island Earth – Inspirational Documentary

Island Earth Here is the write up from the Island Earth website: A rich and complex tale of a young indigenous scientist’s journey through the corn fields of GMO companies and loi patches of traditional Hawaiian elders reveals modern truths and ancient values that can save our food future. To feed all the humans on […]

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Sharing Seed Illegal, seeds

Seed Sharing Movement Wins Big with New Legislation – Shareable

Since the crackdown on seed libraries by some U.S. states last year, organizers (including Shareable) around the country have been working to protect seed sharing. In both Minnesota and Nebraska, bills that specifically exempt non-commercial seed sharing from commercial seed laws were recently signed into law. This historic legislation is a big win for the seed […]

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Cuba Organic Farming

What Cuba can teach America about organic farming

Many people in America are proponents of the organic food movement, and worried about the potentially harmful effects of pesticides on their health or the environment. In Cuba, farmers have gone organic for a very different reason – they had to. In this final instalment of our series “The Cuban Evoltion” Jeffrey Brown looks at […]

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2 Ways to Inspire Sustainability in Your Community – Fellowship for Intentional Community

Community Bookstore Gaia Education Guides Digital Teacher’s Guide Digital Youth Activities Guide Reviewed by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager Gaia Education Guides Teacher’s Guide & Youth Activities Guide by Gaia Education Digital Teacher’s Guide $15 Digital Youth Activities Guide $10 Both for $20! Where does one begin when teaching and inspiring one’s community towards a […]

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Have surfers discovered the future of sustainable design? | GreenBiz

Like many athletes, surfers — and the manufacturers who produce their expensive boards — are very particular about their equipment. Even minute details can make or break the next wave, which has led to quite a conundrum for the stereotypically-green surf culture. Lots of professional surfers, manufacturers and industry nonprofits preach ocean conservation and organize […]

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R.P. Delio and Company Announces A New Small Wind Generator Service in Hawaii Using Its Waypoint Power™ Platform | Benzinga

R.P. Delio and Company announces the roll-out of a new small wind turbine service, Hawaii-wide, using its Waypoint Power™ platform, which enables on-site real-time wind monitoring to help assess the wind resources at prospective clients’ properties. The deployment of this service has already begun, with the initial monitoring systems in operation at residential and commercial […]

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