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Hot Topic, Raw Emotion, and the Spice of Life: Chewing over Food Choice in Community – Fellowship for Intentional Community

 Tracy From La’akea Community (Big Island) & Fellowship for Intentional Community Deep breath in, deep breath out. I sit on one of the twin beds in our upstairs meeting room, leaning against the wall, with a steaming cup of freshly harvested and brewed turmeric ginger tea, mildly sweetened with honey from the bees on the […]

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The importance of Cohousing

Cohousing is a fascinating model of intentional community. It originated in Europe, particularly Denmark. It’s success in the US (at least 135 identified communities in the US) is at least in part due to the fact that it looks and operates similar to existing ownership models, particularly condominiums. Cohousing communities are distinguished from conventional models by […]

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Community Living—The Answer As To How To Defeat The 1%. The Establishment of Subcultures.

This article is a response to a member of the arts and labor group of Occupy Wall Street, Nicole Demby’s excellent article titled, “The Fight Against Capitalism” printed in AdBusters, February 15, 2012. Throughout recorded history, and even before that, people lived in communities/tribes and had as many things in common as they could, because […]

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Communal Living minimizes carbon footprint

Communal living minimizes carbon footprint – The Western Front: News

Communal Living Minimizes Carbon Footprint Nestled in the fields of rural Missouri, the entire Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage uses only 10 percent of the resources used by an average American. The 280-acre planned residential community produces its own solar and wind power needed to run and rent is $200 a month, according to the Dancing Rabbit […]

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Is communal living making a comeback? – Business Of Life – Crain’s Chicago Business

Communal Living Making A Comeback? A year and a half ago, 30-year-old Gunes Henderson and her family moved from their house in suburban Aurora to a mansion in Hyde Park. Henderson and her husband, both translators, share a loud, busy house with their two children and 13 people, including five children and a newborn. She […]

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