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pesticide contamination

Biotech Giant Found Guilty of Pesticide Contamination – NationofChange

Biotech giant, DuPont-Pioneer, was recently taken to court by a small group of activists from Kauai because of their harmful GMO seeds. This is one of many victories against pesticide and GE corporations in Kauai. Chalk up another win for the little guy. A handful of residents of Kauai’s Waimea community prevailed in court over […]

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Pesticides in Produce Consumer Reports

Across America, confusion reigns in the supermarket aisles about how to eat healthfully. One thing on shopper’s minds: the pesticides in produce. In fact, a recent Consumer Reports survey of 1,050 people found that pesticides are a concern for 85 percent of Americans. So, are these worries justified? And should we all be buying organics—which […]

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Surfer Magazine - Island Earth Trailer

Cyrus Sutton’s “Island Earth” | SURFER Magazine

If you’ve paid much attention to Hawaiian politics lately, you know that the island’s rural communities are in a battle against Big Ag’s experimentation with GMO crops and advanced pesticides. This battle recently caught the attention of pro surfer/filmmaker Cyrus Sutton, who’s been surf tripping from his native California to Hawaii since his teens. Lately, […]

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Vandana Shiva speaking in Hawaii

“Eco-Warrior” Vandana Shiva, at $40,000 a Speech, Rejoins Hawaii Anti-GMO Crusade, But Truth Is the Victim | Jon Entine

She’s baaack, and it’s not good news for science literacy, farmers and food-minded Hawaiians. I’m referring to Vandana Shiva, the Indian anti-GMO crusader who kicked off a five-day blitz through Hawaii with a talk-and-music fest at the Capitol Building on Wednesday. It’s a grand tour, marked by private fund-raising pitches to wealthy locals and wannabees […]

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monsanto gmo seeds in the hand of a monsanto worker over one of their soybean fields

Monsanto Employee Opens up About Operations on Kunia Farms

It was a sunny and picturesque afternoon on Monsanto’s 2300-acre grow-out station in Kunia. The Waianae mountain range loomed above and Pearl Harbor’s west loch sprawled out past the H-1 below. Taylor Kellerman, Kailua born-and-raised Operations Lead at Monsanto, wore a red aloha shirt, blue jeans and a bright yellow hat labeled Monsanto. He smiled […]

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Local Organic Foods sign at permaculture farmers market

Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World – Civil Beat

Despite GMO supporters’ claims in Hawaii, the “Chemical Agriculture Age” is not essential to producing enough food for all the planet’s inhabitants. A recent opinion piece in the Maui News blog opposing organic agriculture and in support of biotech GE (GMO) research in Hawaii accused organic agriculture of being a reason people are starving. It […]

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NO GMO sign

GMO faces likely stalemate in Hawaii Legislature | West Hawaii Today

The new chairmen of the House and Senate agriculture committees are both from the Big Island, but their stance on genetically modified crops couldn’t be more different. The strong positions that Senate Agriculture Chairman Russell Ruderman and House Agriculture Chairman Clift Tsuji have taken on each side of GMO laws almost guarantee a stalemate on […]

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Hawaii GMO Food Fight image with two people facing off

VIDEO: Funding Fuels Hawaii GMO Food Fight » Big Island Video News

HAWAII ISLAND – Both sides in Hawaii’s ongoing Genetically Modified Organism debate are taking their arguments to different arenas in order to influence a favorable outcome. Recent news articles have detailed a Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation plan to spend $400,000 on a public relations campaign “to generate support for farmers and persuade voters to support […]

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Pesticide Use In Hawaii Sign saying "caution"

Exceptional Volume of Pesticides Used by Chemical Companies in Hawaii | Andrea Brower

Author’s Note: The following is taken from a press release sent out by the Kauai Coalition to Enforce Ordinance 960, which I am a part of. I have written about Ordinance 960, previously Bill 2491, in this blog and elsewhere. The Kauai County bill, mandating pesticide disclosure and buffer zones, is set to go into […]

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