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pesticide contamination

Biotech Giant Found Guilty of Pesticide Contamination – NationofChange

Biotech giant, DuPont-Pioneer, was recently taken to court by a small group of activists from Kauai because of their harmful GMO seeds. This is one of many victories against pesticide and GE corporations in Kauai. Chalk up another win for the little guy. A handful of residents of Kauai’s Waimea community prevailed in court over […]

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farming in hawaii - youth empowerment

Restoring Ancestral Abundance Through Youth Empowerment in Hawai‘i : Food First

Colonization has negatively impacted indigenous communities’ health, wealth, and culture around the world—and Hawai‘i is no exception. As a FoodCorps service member with MA‘O Organic Farms, I have the privilege of working alongside visionary colleagues who are working to re-establish Hawaii‘s ancestral abundance. Mala ‘Ai Opio—which translates to “the youth food garden” or MA’O for short—is […]

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Environmental Satire Cartoons

New Environmental Satire Page

Seriously Laughing – Environmental Satire Cartoons & Random Thoughts There is a new section that will be fun to add to over time, satire! People say that humor is a great way to neutralize & open serious issues for investigation.  Although nothing is 100% I think humor has to be a top candidate for the […]

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Industrial / Nature Image - Eco Quotes

Environmental Quotes Page

Check Out Our Environmental Quotes Sustainable, Regenerative, & Connected Eco Quotes The environmental quotes page will grow like a sprawling tree, branches grasping  towards the sky while the roots drive deep.  The content is inspirational & though provoking.  It is easy to get lost in the “civilized world” that has been crafted over the past […]

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Lindy Shapiro - Environmental Awareness

Maui Teacher to Trek 750 Miles to Raise Environmental Awareness | Maui Now

Seventy-hundred-and-fifty miles, 31 days, six islands, and one woman on a mission. Maui teacher and author Lindy Shapiro, founder of the Bodhi Education Project, is embarking on an ambitious, month-long coastal trek across the islands. Called “holoHI,” her goal is to inspire kids toward constructive change by raising awareness on a growing problem in Earth’s […]

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Ecotourism logo certified eco

Hawaii Tourism Authority selects 2015 Product Enrichment Program events & organizations – …

“Hawaii is a destination like no other in the world and our Product Enrichment Program highlights different ways in which our community comes together to make our home a better place for both residents and visitors to enjoy,” said Ronald Williams, HTA Chief Executive Officer. “These programs not only highlight the unique experiences found across […]

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