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Hawaiis First Trash Water Wheel

At Sustainable Coastlines, Surfrider Foundation, and 808 Cleanups we love Hawai’i’s coastlines and love to keep them clean. We host large scale beach cleanups to inspire people to care for their coastlines. Not only through cleaning every time they visit the beach, but also through reducing their uses of plastic and looking at the sources of trash […]

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pesticide contamination

Biotech Giant Found Guilty of Pesticide Contamination – NationofChange

Biotech giant, DuPont-Pioneer, was recently taken to court by a small group of activists from Kauai because of their harmful GMO seeds. This is one of many victories against pesticide and GE corporations in Kauai. Chalk up another win for the little guy. A handful of residents of Kauai’s Waimea community prevailed in court over […]

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Hawaiian Language Revitalization

Hawaiian language revitalization boosted by Ford Foundation grant : University of Hawaiʻi System News

The Ford Foundation has awarded $190,000 to the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation to support three Hawaiian language projects at the University of Hawaiʻi—establishing a digital library of Native Hawaiian audio speech behavior; exposing students to traditional Hawaiian sustainability practices and creating content for 40 e-books. While the Ford Foundation generally does not support language programs, […]

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Future Conservationist - Internship

Calling all future conservationists!!! | The Fellows’ Ship

Internship Opportunity Looking for an unforgettable & meaningful way to spend your summer?  If you are a college student or have recently graduated and have a deep interest in natural resource management, we have the perfect opportunity for you!!! The Nature Conservancy of Hawaiʻi is offering an unpaid six week summer internship program from June 22-July 31, 2015 […]

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Industrial / Nature Image - Eco Quotes

Environmental Quotes Page

Check Out Our Environmental Quotes Sustainable, Regenerative, & Connected Eco Quotes The environmental quotes page will grow like a sprawling tree, branches grasping  towards the sky while the roots drive deep.  The content is inspirational & though provoking.  It is easy to get lost in the “civilized world” that has been crafted over the past […]

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Year of Hope for Hawaii Hemp – Civil Beat

Last week, a constituent shared with me a very special February 1938 issue of Popular Mechanics. Inside the tan pages and tattered edges, along with other articles on the cutting edge technologies of its time, is an article on hemp, the “New Billion Dollar Crop.” With new technologies, it was highly profitable to move ahead […]

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Bees in Hawaii - Bee Pest

Hawaii’s war on major bee pest could help Australia prepare for future varroa destructor invasion – ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The US state of Hawaii is using selective breeding to win the war against the destructive varroa mite, which is crippling honey bee populations around the world. The overall significance of honeybees is often overlooked, but keeping up natural bee populations is critical for farmers who need crops to be pollinated. Australia is still free […]

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